Undergraduate Fellows

Benjamin Jacob—Interdisciplinary Humanities, English Emphasis

Ben Jacob

Ben was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and after several years living in Indiana, Illinois and Misawa, Japan, he finished out his formative years in Provo. The son of an English major and a physician, Ben is fascinated by the intersections between culture and science. He studies the humanities while taking biology, chemistry and physics courses and loves comparing different ways of understanding the human experience. After graduation, Ben plans to enter medical school with the eventual goal of being a physician and medical professor. Ben currently serves as the student vice-president of the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society at BYU. Outside of the classroom, Ben enjoys listening to Earth, Wind and Fire, running in the foothills and eating pasta.

CCarlee-Schmidt2arlee Schmidt, Humanities with Environmental Emphasis; Editing Minor

Many would describe Carlee, who hails from the foothills of Salt Lake City, as “granola” – she holds snakes, chases bugs, rescues spiders, and scales mountains. She cherishes this childlike sense of wonder about the world, and her curiosity has led her down some interesting – even international – trails. She is a Humanities major with the Environmental emphasis, and an Editing minor. She has a vision of connecting the crucial ideas and knowledge of the scientific world with the communication and context of the humanities. Ideally, she’d like to edit publications for an environmental organization. For now, she is a presidency member of BYU’s Earth Stewardship Club, a volunteer doing social media for Utah Interfaith Power & Light, and a research assistant of LDS ecotheology. She is also addicted to music, fascinated by Sherlock Holmes, hungers for conversation of substance, and is grateful for the thrill of learning.

Elisabeth Loveland, Philosophy  Major; Formal Logic & Creative Writing Minor

Elisabeth Loveland

Elisabeth is from Provo, Utah. She is a philosophy major and enjoys studying logic, ontology, personal identity, and the writings of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. For four semesters Elisabeth worked as a teaching assistant for the philosophy department’s formal logic classes, one semester of which she was permitted to teach a class alongside her beloved professor and idol, Cody Carter. Elisabeth has a passion for creative writing, especially poetry. To add to her varied interests, for the past two years she has worked as a history department research assistant for Grant Madsen on the rebuilding of the German and Japanese economies post-WW2. She plans to pursue either a PhD in philosophy or an MFA in creative writing.

Hannah LeFullSizeRender (8)avitt — Art History Major

Hannah spent her childhood in the United States and Eastern Europe. Living in Ukraine and Russia, Hannah developed a deep love for Eastern Christian religions and Slavic peoples. Hannah arrived in the Art History program via the unlikely route of statistics, but if you’ve seen her in an art museum, it made sense all along. Hannah’s interests include karate, classical guitar, and yoga. She frequently rediscovers her love for reading and being in nature. Hannah is applying to PhD Art History programs and plans to become a professor. She is an active member of the LDS church and loves to spend time with her family and friends.