Undergraduate Fellows

Moe Graviet— English & Philosophy Double Major

Moe Graviet is a Junior from Emmett, Idaho studying English and Philosophy with particular enthusiasm for Victorian literature and spirituality. While her interests cover a broad range, she especially enjoys anything of an interdisciplinary nature, from cross-cultural narratives super-imposed upon the design and engineering of Roman aqueducts to intersections between identity, Japanese religiosity, and phenomenology. During her time at BYU, Moe has acted in BYU theatre production, served as an editor on Criterion, served as a member of BYUSA involvement, and is currently working to institute a new program for mental health awareness. She has enjoyed working on research involving identity and agency and recently returned from Cambridge where she performed research in Victorian poetry and vulnerability. Moe enjoys singing, traveling, creative writing, parasailing, reading poetry, and cooking Greek and Japanese food.


Maren Loveland—American Studies Major; Women’s Studies Minor

Maren Loveland is a Senior from Atlanta, Georgia majoring in American Studies and minoring in Women’s Studies. She enjoys studying just about everything, but is especially partial to topics that intersect with witchcraft, environmental studies, the Civil Rights Movement, rebellion, entomology, or poetry. Since being at BYU, Maren has developed a passion for the community of Provo and has worked with Native American women and students to change the name of Squaw Peak, and volunteered with the women of the Provo Bicycle Collective. She is also a co-Editor-in-Chief of Criterion and has worked on research with professors involving the rhetoric of violence against Native American women, American environmental policy, and the 26th amendment. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, watching movies, creative writing, baking, and drumming in her all-girl band.

Garrett May — Interdisciplinary Humanities with a History Emphasis; Linguistics & Asian Studies Double Minor



Dalila Sanabria — Portuguese & BFA Studio Art Double Major