Winter 2019

All Colloquia will take place in JFSB 4010 at 3:00 PM unless otherwise specified.


January 17

Marlene Esplin, Rex Nielsen, & Jamin Rowan

Scholarship & Activism Roundtable

January 24

Rico Vitz (Azusa Pacific University)

Mencius, Hume, and the Virtue of Humanity: A Comparative Analysis of Benevolent Moral Development

January 31

Kirk Belnap (Asian & Near Eastern Languages)

February 7

Julie Allen (Comparative Arts & Letters)

Mapping Cinema Ghosts: Film, Culture, and Settler Colonialism in Australasia

February 21

Experiential Humanities Research Group

February 28

Bill Eggington (Linguistics)

March 21

Ifeoma Nwankwo (Vanderbilt University)

Blackness in Public: Reading and Righting Vulnerability across Generations, Geographies, and Genres

April 5

Mark McGurl (Stanford University)

*This event will be held at 11:00 AM

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