Faculty Fellows


Wickman, Matthew 02 MATHEW WICKMAN

Director of the Humanities Center

Interests: Matthew Wickman began working at BYU in 2000 as a specialist in eighteenth-century British literature. His interests include Scottish literary studies of the eighteenth century and after, literary theory, intellectual history, Romanticism, Modernism, modernity, and interdisciplinary humanities.


Blair Bateman-smBLAIR BATEMAN

Interests: Professor Bateman has taught Portuguese and Spanish at the university and high school levels, and has taught workshops in several locations around the country on the teaching of culture in foreign language classes. His other research interests include foreign language teacher education in general and especially immersion education.


Heather Belnap Jensen-smHEATHER BELNAP JENSEN

Interests: Heather Belnap Jensen is associate professor of art history. Her research focuses on women in the art world of post-Revolutionary France. Professor Jensen is on  the Executive Committee for the Women’s Studies program, where she oversees WSTAR, its faculty research group. She currently serves on the College Art Association’s Committee for Women in the Arts and is a regional coordinator for The Feminist Art Project, an international collaborative initiative.



Interests: Edward Cutler specializes in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American literature, with emphasis on the origins and development of modernism. He has published on nineteenth-century urban and print cultures, as well on Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman.




His primary areas of research are corpus linguistics, language change and genre-based variation, the design and optimization of linguistic databases, and frequency and collocational analyses (all for English, Spanish, and Portuguese). He is also the creator of several large online corpora, which are used by more than 100,000 distinct researcher, teachers, and students each month.


BYU_dee_gardnerDEE GARDNER

Interests: Dee Gardner’s research interests include vocabulary, reading, applied corpus linguistics, and lexical semantics.





Interests: Urban Studies, Literature, European Reception of America, Architectural History, Film





Interests: morphology, semantics, pragmatics, discourse processes, Quichua languages, sound symbolism, idiophone.





Interests:Dale J. Pratt is Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature at Brigham Young University, where he teaches courses ranging from Introduction to Spanish Literature to Graduate seminars on Unamuno, Don Quijote, the Don Juan Theme, and Protohumans and Posthumans.


Brian Roberts-smBRIAN ROBERTS

Interests: His scholarship and teaching focus on American Studies, African American and black diasporan literature and culture, modernism/modernity, archipelagic studies, and literature and diplomacy.

Publications: “Artistic Ambassadors: Literary and International Representation of the New Negro Era: (University of Virginia Press, 2013).


jill_rudy2JILL RUDY

Interests: Her interests are in the history of folklore and English studies; foodways; personal narrative; and family folklore. Keywords include tradition, disciplinarity, modernity, professionalization, decolonization, literacy, and stories. Her current projects involve North American Indian tale collections in the early 20th century and family traditions shared through technology.