Education Week 2019

When: Monday, Aug 19, 2019
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On Being Vulnerable, Part II: Faith after the Anthropocene

When: Friday, Sep 13, 2019
Where: JFSB B192
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Colloquium: Greg Thompson

When: Thursday, Sep 19, 2019
Where: 4010 JFSB
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Humanities Center Blog

Faith after the Anthropocene: A Prehistory

The Editor’s Column of the current issue of PMLA (134.3) opens with Wai Chee Dimock sharing a little of her experience recuperating from a serious accident last fall. Many things came to me during my four ...
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Transcendence, Presence, Blackberry

Last month on this blog, I remarked on the cognitively dissonant revelations that sometimes break into our daily quotidian lives regarding collective, global, or cosmic concerns. I described in that post how some scholars view ...
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The Power of Re-Reading

As the end of the school year approaches, I typically look forward to having more free time, and, after two busy semesters, look forward to reading things of my own choosing. While I enjoy reading ...
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