Annual Lecture: Gregg Lambert

When: Friday, Sep 23, 2016
Where: JFSB B192
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MARS Guest Speaker: Jane Hatter

When: Thursday, Sep 29, 2016
Where: B190 JFSB
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Colloquium: Ilona Klein & Steven Wood

When: Thursday, Sep 29, 2016
Where: 4010 JFSB
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Humanities Center Blog

Humanities Taught Me to Dig Deep

The other day I came upon a New Yorker article entitled “Why I Quit My Job to Travel the World.” Like many people, I have an interest in travel and decided to give it the ...
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Emotional Intelligence

This post was written by former HC intern, Brittany Bruner. Emotional intelligence is often something I take for granted as necessary for positive human coexistence, until I encounter media or people who possess a shockingly low ...
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Drawing New Research Questions from a Digital Corpus of One Author’s Works

The following post was written by Delys and Phil Snyder. The Cormac McCarthy Corpus Project began as Phil Snyder (English), a literary critic, began writing about Cormac McCarthy’s style and found he needed more language tools, ...
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Media Gallery

Videos and other media from recent Humanities Center events.