Faith & Imagination Lecture: Barbara Newman

When: Friday, Mar 27, 2020
Where: B192 JFSB
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Colloquium: Julie Damron

When: Thursday, Apr 2, 2020
Where: 4010 JFSB
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RVSG Guest Speaker: Meredith McGill

When: Thursday, Dec 5, 2019
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Humanities Center Blog

Home for Christmas

In my first semester at BYU, as I introduced myself hundreds of times to the other wide-eyed freshmen at Helaman Halls, I quickly realized I had never quite figured out how to answer the question: ...
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Vulnerability on Stage: A Meditation on Opera in the XXI Century

Overture Though a life-long lover of classical music, I resisted opera for many years. Too elitist. Too stuffy. It asks too much. I mean, how can you watch the stage and read the supertitles and enjoy ...
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An Artist’s Intention

In previous blog posts, I’ve written about art and beauty, and how the two terms are not synonymous. Beauty is relative, and limiting artwork to only the beautiful and pleasant restricts the full range and ...
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Videos and other media from recent Humanities Center events.