Fall 2018

Digital Humanities Workshop:

Come join us on Friday, October 5th at 11am  in 4010 JFSB for a brief presentation of the resources available to faculty through the Office of Digital Humanities followed by lunch and consultations with ODH faculty. We will show off best practices for planning research with digital tools, and then help you get started on your own project. Whether you’re thinking about a website or building a digital corpus (or anything in between), let’s get you started.

Fall 2015

External Grant Writing Workshop:gaurav desai

Gaurav Desai, Professor of English at Tulane University, will lead a grant-writing workshop Friday September 11, 1:30-3:30, in JFSB 4010. Desai is the recipient of several distinguished fellowships and has served as a reader for many national organizations, including NEH and ACLS. He has graciously agreed not only to address general principles, but also to review grant applications submitted by September 1st.

Fall 2013

Office of Digital Humanities Symposium:schaalje_bruce-web

Bruce Schaalje (from Statistics) will discuss the outcomes of an experiment in which a computer “read” several decades worth of General Conference addresses to determine whether a correlation exists between the mood of talks and particular global events, like the state of the economy. Thursday from 11-11:50 in JFSB B135.





Rob McFarland (German and Russian) will offer a workshop on ORCA applications.  Tuesday, Sep. 17th, 2013 3-4 pm, B042 JFSB