Orca student presenters 2015



Friday, October 16 from 3:00 – 5:00 PM in 4010 JFSB.

Cai Elisabeth Olsen —” Mergulhando nos Bastidores: The Translation Errors Surrounding Grande Sertão Veredas”

Ash McMurray — “Korean Drama and Philosophy”

Ash’s research focused on how South Korean historical dramas advance the arguments of classical Chinese philosophy. He examined three dramas as argumentative analogies representing three key periods tracing China’s philosophical influence from Korea’s nascent years until its Golden Age under King Sejong (세종; 世宗): Jumong (삼한지-주몽 편; 2006), Queen Seondeok (선덕여왕; 2009), and Tree with Deep Roots (뿌리 깊은 나무; 2011). He found that each drama presents a uniquely Korean critique of the major philosophical traditions of China, namely Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. Despite incisive criticisms against Confucianism’s political idealism, misogyny, and class distinctions, the dramas ultimately promote Confucian over Daoism and Legalism because only Confucianism provides the moral wherewithal to cultivate and evaluate virtuous leaders and citizens.

Emily Furner — “Defining the Obvious, Or Not”

Victoria Fox — “Barbara d’Austria: Women and Religious Upheaval in 16th Century Europe”

Her research centered around the life of an Austrian princess, Barbara D’Austria, who married into the powerful Este family in Italy. Because there was so little information on Barbara herself,  Victoria had to come at her life from many different angles and build her biography from the outside-in. Her presentation, however, focused on just one aspect of the historical context. She spoke about the role of women in religious upheaval in the 16th century, including female mysticism and the ways in which women used religious upheaval to increase their power to an extent that would have been impossible in a more stable political and cultural environment.

Stephanie Hedges — “Accenting the job: How Speech Affects the Hiring Process”

Diana Sun Shelton — “A Quichua Video Dictionary: The Sight and Sound of Ideophones

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