Pavel Bermudez—Philosophy Major

Pavel BermudezPavel (Pav-El) was born in Mexicali, Mexico and immigrated to the United States with his family when he was 7 years old. He first developed an interest in ethics by reading superhero comic books. Despite his parents’ best efforts, that interest in ethics snowballed into a passion for philosophy, specifically identity, agency, ethics, and epistemology. At BYU, Pavel has the opportunity to work as a Research Assistant to Professor Nate Rockwood researching Hume and Descartes’ views on epistemology (fun fact, as a freshman, Pavel often remarked how much he disliked Hume as a philosopher). Pavel is also training to be an Accredited Representative in order to help immigrants improve their legal situation in this country. When not studying or researching, you might find Pavel working as an electrician, hanging out with friends and family, or watching Brooklyn 99. Pavel has also been to exactly one rodeo and is looking forward to saying, “This isn’t my first rodeo” when he goes to another one.

Alixa Brobbey—English Major

Alixa BrobbeyAlixa Brobbey is a senior English major. She was born and raised in The Netherlands, but moved to Ghana after her sophomore year of high school. This background fostered an interest in post-colonial critiques, cross-cultural comparisons, and women’s issues. At BYU, she tutors at the Research and Writing Center, works on the Pre-Law Review board, and serves as the Communications officer for Golden Key Honour Society. In her free time, she helps organize Saturday Night Slam Series’ poetry events, volunteers for Y-Serve Refugee, and contributes her poetry to local activism efforts. She hopes to use the skills she gains from these experiences as a successful attorney who champions underrepresented voices.

Brynna Gang—Classical Studies & Philosophy Double Major

Brynna GangBrynna Gang, a chocolate enthusiast and cinema buff, grew up in a large household where she sharpened her wits among the smartest people she knows: her family. She is a senior attending Brigham Young University and wants to learn everything she can about other cultures, both ancient and modern. She has learned Latin, Greek, and Egyptian, and likes to travel whenever she can. She is double majoring in classics and philosophy, but she finds time to write poetry and paint her roommates. She is interested in philosophy of art and philosophy of religion, particularly from a Latter-day Saint perspective. Brynna has worked as a research assistant within the ancient scripture department, working on a commentary for 2 Corinthians, and on the Didymus the Blind manuscript. She has also worked as an editor for BYU’s philosophy journal, Aporia, where she learned that the world is filled with interesting ideas but terrible writing. She intends to pursue a PhD in philosophy and become a professor, but her backup plan is to become barefoot and homeless.

Abby Thatcher—Interdisciplinary Humanities & English Double Major

Abby, enthused with the love of learning,
Found youthful sunshine in Midwest wheat fields,
Pass’d muggy Georgian days for God, sweet serving,
Then, towards Provo turned for mind’s bounteous yields.

A passion, doubly served, a thirst slaked through
Feasting on Poe, Melville, Whitman, theory
A project for lifelong pursuit, study to do
Fall of year next, God and virus willing.

Coupled with journey to Scotland Isle green,
Writing with the Parliament’s staff, and sought
To fight trafficking with Utah’s own team.
Her dream, to bring a change, humanities taught.

She, honored and humbled, a Fellow named,
To serve, to learn, to share–her commitment claimed.

Jacob Wright—German Teaching Major, European Studies Minor

Jacob Wright

Jacob is a Senior in German Teaching with a minor in European Studies. He grew up in a military family, so home is wherever family is. He is a member of the Air Force ROTC program and will commission as an officer in the U.S. Air Force upon graduation. He particularly enjoys learning about German, Austrian, and Swiss cultures, how he can teach culture in the classroom, and how he can help students become not only proficient in the German language but also German-speaking cultures. From 2014-2016 he served a mission in the Alpine German-speaking mission. He has completed an international study abroad program in Tübingen, Germany and an internship in Berlin, Germany, teaching refugees and immigrants the German language at Hartnackschule, a private language institute. He hopes to be able to explore the experiences of LGBTQ+ students at BYU more in depth. He enjoys reading, journaling, working out and running, learning about European history, and buying as many scarves as he can.

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