Undergraduate Fellows

Moe Graviet— English & Philosophy Double Major

Moe Graviet is a Junior from Emmett, Idaho studying English and Philosophy with particular enthusiasm for Victorian literature and spirituality. While her interests cover a broad range, she especially enjoys anything of an interdisciplinary nature, from cross-cultural narratives super-imposed upon the design and engineering of Roman aqueducts to intersections between identity, Japanese religiosity, and phenomenology. During her time at BYU, Moe has acted in BYU theatre production, served as an editor on Criterion, served as a member of BYUSA involvement, and is currently working to institute a new program for mental health awareness. She has enjoyed working on research involving identity and agency and recently returned from Cambridge where she performed research in Victorian poetry and vulnerability. Moe enjoys singing, traveling, creative writing, parasailing, reading poetry, and cooking Greek and Japanese food.

Sam Jacob—Russian & English Major

Sam Jacob is from Provo, Utah double majoring in Russian and English. Sam is primarily interested in transatlantic and global modernism, paying special attention to intersections between Russian and English literature and culture. His other interests include translation studies, African American literature, and environmental humanities. After serving a mission in the Baltic States from 2015-2017, he returned to Riga, Latvia to intern at the Latvian Occupation Museum as a docent and research assistant. He also recently returned from a term at Cambridge University where he researched intertextual links between Anton Chekhov and early modernist writers. In addition to these abroad experiences, Sam has published work in a national peer-reviewed journal, The Explicator, about the short fiction of African American writer, Ralph Ellison. Since coming to BYU, Sam has worked as a teaching assistant for several undergraduate English classes, a writing tutor for the BYU Writing Center and Writing Fellows program, and a volunteer editor for Criterion. When not busy with school and work, Sam enjoys camping and hiking in Utah’s national parks, making and listening to podcasts, playing basketball, and writing poetry.

Lynette Martin—French Teaching Major; Dual Language Immersion Minor

Lynette Martin is a Senior from Carthage, Missouri majoring in French Teaching and minoring in Dual Language Immersion. After being exposed to French at a young age, she went on to serve in the Canada Montreal Mission where she came to love and appreciate the various cultures and languages there. She enjoys learning about cultures that are different from her own, especially when it comes to experiencing differences in cuisine. Lynette currently works in the French Department as a student instructor teaching French 101, where she finds great joy in helping students learn about and appreciate French culture and language. When not studying French, Lynette enjoys learning about diversity and discrimination issues and how to be proactive in solving those issues. Her other interests include music therapy, cooking, creative writing, poetry, and eating ice cream.

Garrett May — Interdisciplinary Humanities with a History Emphasis; Linguistics & Asian Studies Double Minor

Garrett May is pursuing a major in Interdisciplinary Humanities, with a double minor in Linguistics and Asian Studies. He’s interested in conflicts of morality, religious values, and cultural identity in art, as well as questions about technology & authorship, mainstream perceptions of the arts, divisions between genre & form, and forgotten artists in history. He’s also become involved in exploring applied linguistics in legal contexts, working as a research assistant for the Law & Corpus Linguistics internship at BYU Law School, and is eager to learn more about the interaction between language, culture, and the law; this year he is writing as an author for the Prelaw Review student journal about originalism and immigration law. Garrett is passionate about the experience of undergraduate students at BYU, and is currently serving as an executive director in the Student Honor area of BYUSA, and as secretary to the Phi Kappa Phi student presidency. His other interests include design thinking, video essays, sound design, and all things Filipino. He and his wife live in Salt Lake, where they enjoy being in the midst of the city, spending time with family, and watching superhero TV shows together.

Dalila Sanabria — Portuguese & BFA Studio Art Double Major

Dalila Sanabria is a BFA Art student double majoring in Portuguese Studies. She is from Lakeland, Florida, but spent a good portion of her youth living between the countries of Colombia and Chile, where her parents are from. She served in the Teresina Brazil mission from 2015-2016, where she learned Portuguese and obtained a deep love for Brazilian people and culture. As an interdisciplinary artist, Dalila utilizes a variety of different mediums in her work, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography and video. She often explores themes that deal with first/third world disparities, migration, and displacement. In the free time that she has and is not working in her studio, Dalila loves to read, think, cook, run, and have meaningful conversations.