Bishnu Adhikari: The Life of a Humanitarian

Date(s) - 09/08/2015
4:00 pm

222 MARB



Sponsored by the Office of Civic Engagement, Bishnu Adhikari will speak September 8th at 4:00 pm in 250 SWKT. His presentation is titled: The Life of a Humanitarian.

Bishnu grew up in a small mountain village high in the Himalayas. Despite arduous work in the fields and hours of commute to school, Bishnu excelled in his education and earned numerous scholarships. Hard work and determination led him to Russia where he earned a master’s degree in engineering.

Following this life-changing transition, Bishnu returned to his Nepalese village and made the commitment to help others improve their quality of life. He began working on development projects for The World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and USAID. In 1999, Bishnu joined CHOICE Humanitarian as a staff member. He later returned to school and earned a second master’s degree in international environmental policy.

Bishnu has provided the leadership necessary to bring the CHOICE model of sustainable development to hundreds of villages in Nepal. He has developed a series of income-generating programs that have helped thousands of Nepalese with economic opportunities in areas such as eco trekking, hydropower, biogas, buffalo keeping, and Jatropha oil.

Bishnu has received numerous certifications of appreciation from high ranking government officials in Nepal for his humanitarian work.

Bishnu was also featured in Meet the Mormons, a movie that examines the very diverse lives of six devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Bishnu’s work as a humanitarian was highlighted.

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