Colloquium: Valerie Hegstrom, George Handley

Date(s) - 11/19/2020
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm



Few scholars remain invested in exactly the same topics over the multi-decade duration of their careers. Many even move on to other fields, perhaps even disciplines. How do we transition gracefully from early to middle to late stages of a career? What motivates us beyond the promise of promotions and raises? How can we flourish in ways that benefit our disciplines, our departments, and ourselves? Valerie Hegstrom (Spanish and Portuguese) and George Handley (Comparative Arts and Letters and the Faculty Center) will join Matt Wickman (English and the Humanities Center) to discuss how they have grown in (or out of) their fields of specialization, the affordances of BYU when it comes to progressing through stages of an academic career, and how they have managed to evolve as scholars and teachers – or, perhaps, what they would do differently.

Title: Finding Joy and Purpose over the Duration of an Academic Career

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