Education Week 2017 – Lifelong Reading: The 5 Best…

Date(s) - 08/21/2017 - 08/25/2017
11:10 am - 12:05 pm

W-112 BNSN



The Humanities Center will sponsor three tracks at BYU’s Education Week this year. The classes will feature BYU faculty from the College of Humanities and highlight various topics. Please join us August 21 – 25, 2017 at 11:10 AM in W-112 Benson Building (BNSN)


Lifelong Reading: 5 Best…

Wednesday — Dennis Cutchins; “Five Movies That May Be Better Than the Book”

This class has three main purposes. The first is to introduce students to a post-structural (non-essential) notion of textual interpretation. This will be done quickly at the beginning of the class using everyday objects and experiences to illustrate the main points. The second main purpose of the class is to get students to recognize the importance of interpretation; this applies both to readers and viewers and (in the case of our subject matter) to those who adapt literature to the screen. The final purpose of the class is to briefly discuss five adaptations that are exceptional because of the interpretive moves made by the adaptors.

Thursday — Jeffrey Tucker; “Literacy and Locality: Five Church History Sites Where Literature and Mormonism Converge”

Visiting church history sites is a pastime enjoyed by many.  Additionally, General Authorities have encouraged us to explore—and even produce—quality literature.  This class highlights locations around the world where literature and key church historical locations have influenced each other and/or coexisted, an interrelation resulting in unique historical sites—that is, places where visitors can both deepen their knowledge of church history as well as their literary understanding.

Friday — Jill Rudy; “The Five Best Fairy Tales: As Seen on TV”

With the popularity of fairy tales in bedtime stories, books, and movies, it is easy to overlook fairy tales on television.  Yet, television and fairy tales go together as well as fairy godmothers and wands because they are also magical and dubiously helpful.  By identifying five of the best fairy-tale shows on television from the past six decades, this class explores the lingering power of fairy tales to instruct and entertain, all throughout life.



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