Faith & Imagination Lecture: Barbara Newman

Date(s) - 03/27/2020
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm



*Canceled due to COVID-19*

The BYU Humanities Center welcomes Dr. Barbara Newman, John Evans Professor of Latin and Professor of English, Religious Studies, and Classics at Northwestern University as our Faith & Imagination guest lecturer on Friday, March 27th. There will be two events held during the day, the first being a book discussion and the second, a lecture open to both faculty and interested students at 3:00 PM in the EIZ Theater (B192 JFSB). We hope you’ll join us.

Title: “‘Behold, I make all things new’: Interpreting the Last Book of the Bible”

The last, most mysterious book of the Bible, called Revelation, has tantalized readers for centuries with images of breathtaking beauty and unspeakable horror. Because of its emotional force, it has a ceaseless, dangerous power to inspire ever-new interpretations. This talk will approach the mysteries of Revelation from a literary and historical perspective, asking what its violent yet alluring images of the end-times could have meant to the first Christians. What is the seven-headed Beast, and who is the Woman clothed with the sun? Why is 12 a holy number while 6 is evil? What does the marriage feast of the Lamb denote? As we explore such questions, we will view a range of magnificent illustrations dating from the Middle Ages to the present day.

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