ORCA Symposium 2014

Date(s) - 10/10/2014
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

JFSB 4010


 Six students will present on their completed ORCA research projects. There will be light refreshments following the event. The presenters and the titles of their presentations are as follows: 

Lauren Fine, “More than a Feeling”: The Transmission of Affect and Group Identity

Taylor Madsen, World-wide “Womenomics”: Translation of Senegalese Socioeconomic Research

Megan Armknecht, Jo Marries Goethe: Dr. Bhaer as Louisa May Alcott’s Representation of the Goethean Ideal

Caroline Howard, The College Writing Experience for At-Risk High School Students

Sara Guggisberg, “Investigating Mark Twain’s “A Horse’s Tale”

Ashley Brocious, Including Religion in Gender: LDS Men’s Experiences in Masculinity-Making


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