Public Interview: Translation, Creativity, & Resilience

Date(s) - 03/28/2024
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

4010 JFSB


The Humanities Center will host a public interview with colleagues Emron Esplin, Daryl Hague, and Doug Weatherford on Thursday, March 28th at 3:00 PM in 4010 JFSB. We hope you’ll join us. Refreshments will be served.

Translation, Creativity, and Resilience: a Public Interview with Emron Esplin, Daryl Hague, & Doug Weatherford

The College of Humanities is proudly committed to translation as a serious area of academic study. This commitment is reflected in part by the variety of programs and courses throughout the college that are dedicated to training students to become professional translators. The college’s rank and status document also identifies the work of translation as an important and valued form of scholarship. And the college is home to a number of talented translators who use their expertise to promote understanding of the complexities of languages and cultures. The BYU Humanities Center is proud to sponsor two separate research groups focused on different aspects and dimensions of translation.

This week, we are pleased to present a public interview with two colleagues whose translations have recently received international attention, namely Doug Weatherford and Daryl Hague, both from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Doug is a specialist in Mexican literature, and he is the translator of Juan Rulfo’s famous novel Pedro Páramo. Daryl Hague, a professor of translation studies, is most recently the translator of Sergio Ramírez’s Managua Trilogy. These translations have recently garnered national and international acclaim, including at venues such as The New York Times and The London Magazine. The interview will be conducted by Emron Esplin, a professor of English and member of the BYU Humanities Center translation studies research group.

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