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Fall 2014

All Colloquia will take place in JFSB 4010 at 3:00pm unless otherwise specified.
grandy, david

September 11

David Grandy (Philosophy)

The Dearest Freshness Deep Down Things’: The Philosophical and Poetic Depths of Science

Dirk Elzinga, LEL

September 18

Dirk Elzinga (LEL)

How do you say —– in Hopi? How the Deseret Alphabet was used to document an indigenous language of the Southwest

Rowan, Jamin 02

September 25

Jamin Rowan (English)

Cities in the Humanities: Developing a New Urban Imaginary


October 2

Jennifer Haraguchi (French/Italian)

Educating Rich and Poor Girls in Seventeenth-Century Florence: Eleonora Ramirez di Montalvo (1602-59), Her Lay Conservatories and Writings


October 10

Caroline Levander (Rice U)

Literature, Geography, and the Geopolitics of Knowledge Design in the University

(Colloquium will be held at 11:00 AM)

pratt, dale

October 23

Dale Pratt (Spanish/Portuguese)

Narratological Issues in Time Travel Fiction


November 6

Spencer Scoville (ANEL)

Deceitful Translations and Ethical Forgeries: Pseudotranslation in Modern Egyptian Literature


December 4

Francesca Lawson (HCCL)

The Female Voice: A Humanistic Perspective on Its Evolutionary Origins

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