JFSB in the fall

Fall 2017

All Colloquia will take place in JFSB 4010 at 3:00pm unless otherwise specified.

Learn Linguistics through Magnifying Glass.

September 14

Roundtable Discussion

“Is Linguistics Part of the Humanities?”


September 21

Steve Riep (Asian & Near Eastern Languages)

“Rethinking War: Unofficial History, Missing Veterans, and “Concrete” Images of (Dis)ability”


September 28          **4101 JFSB**

Hester Oberman (University of Arizona)

“Religion and Medical & Health Humanities”


October 12

Christian Ahihou (French & Italian)

 “The Issue of African Emigration in Le ventre de l’Atlantique by Fatou Diome”


October 26

Cecily Raynor (McGill University)

“Using Digital Methods to Approach Contemporary Writing: Case Studies from Latin America”


November 2

Dawan Coombs (English)

 “Ideological Becoming: The Possibilities of Dialogical Pedagogy”


November 16

Katya Jordan (German & Russian)

“Turgenev’s Fatherless Children and the Rise of Populism”


December 7

Philip Barlow (Utah State University)

“Shards of Combat: the War in Heaven as an Idea”






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