Humanities Center Faculty Writing Retreat

Call for Applications: BYU Humanities Center Summer 2024 Writing Retreat

Deadline: 15 March 2024

Inspired by the productive example of the National Humanities Center, we are pleased to announce that the BYU Humanities Center will sponsor a new Summer Writing Retreat this year at the beautiful Zermatt hotel in Midway, UT. At a location that is both conveniently close and distant, this retreat will provide you with space and time to work on a writing project.

Following the NHC model, the only requirement is that you participate in a group meal every day. You should bring your own laptop and any books and other supplies that you may need. The hotel provides wifi, multiple places to work, and of course beautiful views. Apart from a group meal every day, you will have relatively unstructured time to write.

The award will cover your lodging and all meals.



All full-time, CFS-track faculty at BYU are eligible to apply. We especially encourage colleagues preparing for promotion (either to associate or to full professor) to apply.

Applications will be reviewed by the Humanities Center Faculty Fellows.


Application Guidelines

1. Project title

2. Describe the piece of writing you plan to work on at the retreat (250-300 words)

3. Describe why this retreat would be especially beneficial at this stage of your project (250-300 words)

4. Applicant CV


Please submit your application via email to Brooke Browne (

Deadline: 15 March 2024

Space will be limited to 10 participants

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