One-year fellowships

BYU’s Humanities Center also sponsors two one-year fellowships. Unlike the multi-year fellowships, these one-year fellowships will be awarded by application rather than appointment. The fellowship period will begin in the fall semester of 2021. Fellowships will come with a salary supplement of $2,500, a research stipend of an additional $2,500, and release from two courses (pending approval by the Fellow’s department chair. Applicants should secure that approval before submitting an application). Additional money may also be available for wages and supplies.

Eligibility: These fellowships are available to all full-time, post-CFS faculty in BYU’s College of Humanities. Priority will be granted to faculty who plan to use the fellowship to aid the completion of a substantive research project (for example, a book, an article, or a series of articles). These fellowships are non-renewable and will not be awarded to college faculty who have held a center fellowship in the previous three years.

Application: One-year fellowships are competitive. Interested faculty will be asked to complete an application consisting of a current vita and a prospectus of no more than seven double-spaced pages. This prospectus should outline the project, make a case for its significance, explain how the fellowship will be used, and give a time frame for the project’s completion.

Deadline: Applications must be received as email attachments by Monday, March 15th. You may send them to Matt Wickman or to Brooke Browne ( A committee comprised of our current Humanities Center fellows will review and rank the applications. Matt will not rank applications but will play an advisory role throughout the process and is happy to provide feedback on prospective projects, so please feel free to come to him with questions or concerns. Note that the dean must approve all committee decisions. Applicants will be informed of these decisions within a few weeks of the deadline.

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