Highlighted Episode: Wilderness Spirituality, with guest Belden Lane

This week, we reach into our past episodes to highlight Belden Lane’s “Wilderness Spirituality.” We released this episode in the month of May, a time—at least for those following academic calendars—of busy travel and end of semester business. This isn’t a new episode with Belden Lane; rather, we appreciate his thoughts and careful consideration of the wild spaces of the soul so much that another chance to listen to his episode is always welcome.

Just in case you missed it, Belden Lane—Professor Emeritus of Theological Studies, American Religion and History of Spirituality at Saint Louis University—talks with Matthew Wickman, Founding Director of the BYU Humanities Center, about several of his recent books. These include two that beautifully combine attention to nature, the long tradition of Christian mystical writing, and the rhythms of Lane’s own spiritual life—and ours as well.

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