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The Humanities Center’s Public Humanities page is an attempt to document the vast public efforts made by BYU faculty in the Humanities College. Included in the page is an impressive list of affiliated faculty–that is, faculty with some kind of public humanities presence over the past five years. Some of this work has been enabled by the Humanities Center, but much of it is simply the documentation of work people in the college are already doing. We will also regularly feature outreach efforts in the following areas: lectures, media, public schools, and community collaborations.


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  1. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences came to being as a result of the restructuring process that transformed it from The Faculty of Arts in 2002.The school is located at the western side of the main campus, opposite the Post Office and is adjacent to The Kenyatta University Conference Centre Annex.

    The School is well equipped with qualified academic staff committed to teaching as well as undertaking research and consultancy services. It also has competent and experienced support staff.

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