Suzy Bills

Suzy Bills, Assistant Teaching Professor of Linguistics

Increasing Your Efficiency by Becoming a Pro at Microsoft Word
Presentation, STC Summit, May 2020

Latter-day Profiles
Interview, BYUTV, April 2020

Professional Editing
Workshop, LDSPMA Conference, October 2019

Business 101 for Freelancers: Entities, Legal Issues, and Taxes
Presentation, LDSPMA Conference, October 2019

Teaching Students to Thrive as Entrepreneurs: The Responsibility of Technical Communication Professors
Presentation, ATTW Conference, February 2019

The Business of Freelancing: Navigating Taxes, Legal Matters, and Marketing without Fear
Presentation, LDSPMA Conference, November 2018

An Inside Look at Church Magazines: Freelancing, Internships, and Everything Else You Want to Know
Moderator, LDSPMA Conference, November 2018

Author-Editor Relations
Presentation, LDSPMA Roundtable, March 2018

Tips and Tools to Get Started as a Freelancer
Presentation, LDSPMA Roundtable, July 2017