Frederick Williams, Spanish and Portuguese

williams, fredFrederick G. Williams, Gerrit de Jong, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Luso-Brazilian Studies, is a direct descendant and namesake of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s counselor in the First Presidency. Since coming to BYU he has served on the Advisory Board of BYU Studies and of the Kennedy Center’s International Studies Programs. He is also a faculty affiliate of the Kennedy Center. Professor Williams’ research interests have been Luso-Afro-Brazilian literatures and cultures, poetry translation, and Mormon Studies.






Category Title Location Time Further Information
Lectures Various Lectures on President Frederick G. Williams I have given lectures in Portuguese using PowerPoint on President Frederick G. Williams at stake centers all over northern Brazil while serving as Temple President in Recife (2009–2012). I also gave the same lecture in English at stake centers in Oregon, Idaho, California, and Utah (including at the north auditorium on Temple Square) since returning home. This in connection with my publication in 2012 of The Life of Dr. Frederick G. Williams, Counselor to the Prophet Joseph Smith.
Lecture “The History of the Church in Peru” Centro de Estudios Vallejianos September 2014 read more here
Lecture “From Acorn to Oak Tree: the Beginnings of the Remarkable Growth of the LDS Church in Brazil” BYU Kennedy Center 4/9/2014 watch here
Lecture Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah 2013 Lectured at the Church History Library at the invitation of Richard Turley, Assistant Church Historian and Recorder on From Acorn to Oak Tree: A Personal History of the Development of the South American Missions,the volume my father and I wrote in 1987. It was the the study text for the year among the historians and staff at the Church History Library.

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