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While many theorists and philosophers engage with the question of religion, Jacques Derrida is the pivotal figure that either transforms their discourse or is the (often implicit) catalyst for work that has followed him. Moreover, many of Derrida’s upublished texts are coming to light and contributing to the discourse as they are posthumously edited and translated. The divergent interests of the members of this group collect around the issues that Derrida addresses in his texts that are both explicitly and implicitly about religion, especially as the question of Derrida and religion emerges in literature, politics, and visual art.
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Katie Chenoweth

October 2, 2014

Katie Chenoweth is Assistant Professor of French at Princeton University.  A specialist of the French Renaissance, her work deals with the history and philosophy of media culture.  Her publications include articles on Derrida and Montaigne. Chenoweth’s presentation for the Derrida Research Group is entitled: “Derrida at Montaigne: A Stay of Execution.” She will speak on Jacques Derrida‘s forthcoming posthumous seminar on the death penalty.


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