One-Year Humanities Center Fellowship

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One-Year Humanities Center Fellowship 2019 – 2020 In addition to multi-year fellowships, BYU’s Humanities Center also sponsors two one-year fellowships. Unlike the multi-year fellowships, these one-year fellowships will be awarded by application rather than appointment. The fellowship period will begin in the fall semester of 2018. Fellowships will come with a salary supplement of $2,500, a research stipend of an additional $2,500, and release from two courses (pending approval by the Fellow’s department chair. Applicants should secure that approval before submitting an application). Additional money may also be available for wages and supplies. Eligibility: These fellowships are available to all full-time, post-CFS faculty in BYU’s College of Humanities. Priority will be granted to faculty who plan to use the fellowship to aid the completion of a substantive research project (for example, a book, an article, or a series of articles). These fellowships are non-renewable and will not be awarded to college faculty who have held a center fellowship in the previous three years. Application: One-year fellowships are competitive. Interested faculty will be asked to complete an application consisting of a current vita and a prospectus of no more than seven double-spaced pages. This prospectus should outline the project, make a case for its significance, explain how the fellowship will be used, and give a time frame for the project’s completion. Deadline: Applications must be received in the College office by 5:00 on March 14th. A committee comprised of Humanities Center fellows from different disciplines will review and rank the applications.For specific questions regarding the application process or for advise on your specific proposal contact Matt Wickman. *Note that the dean must approve all committee decisions. Applicants will be informed of these decisions within a few weeks of the...

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2019 Upcoming Deadlines

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Book Manuscript Workshop 2020

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What: BYU Humanities Center book manuscript mentoring workshop Brief description: The BYU Humanities Center will support a faculty member (or collaborative team of faculty members) working toward the completion of a book manuscript by paying two reviewers of the scholar’s choosing to read the manuscript and offer substantive feedback. One of these reviewers will be internal to the College of Humanities; the other will be an expert in the field from another institution. The external reviewer should be qualified to offer professional as well as intellectual guidance (e.g., in recommending potential venues for publication, potential readers for the press, and so on). Compensation: The center will arrange to bring the external reviewer to campus, provide one night (or, in some cases, two nights) in a hotel, pay for food and incidental expenses, and provide that reviewer a $1,000 honorarium. The center will also award the internal reviewer a $250 research stipend. Eligibility: All faculty who have successfully completed their CFS review are eligible for this award, though preference will be given to associate professors. Successful applicants will have completed at least half the manuscript as well as a book proposal at the time of the workshop. Timeframe/Timeline: The recipient of the award will work with the center to schedule the workshop dates and may use the awarded funding anytime during the 2020 calendar year. Successful applicants will be expected to submit the manuscript to a press within one year of the workshop. Deadline: December 2, 2019 Application materials: Applications must include a one-page cover letter, project description of 2-5 single-spaced pages (explaining the project’s argument, significance, possible venues, and short list of potential external reviewers—with a description of their suitability for providing intellectual and professional mentoring), and a sample chapter (or its equivalent) from the manuscript. Successful applications will make a case for the pertinence of the project’s contribution to its field and may provide supporting documents (e.g., evidence of contact with presses,...

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NEH Summer Institute in 2018 Applications

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The Book: Material Histories and Digital Futures NEH Summer Institute in 2018 for College and University Faculty   The four-week Institute will take place June 18 to July 13, 2018 at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). Applications for the Institute are NEH Summer Institute accepted from now until March 1. Successful applicants receive a stipend of $3300, which are intended to defray travel and living costs. For more information about the Institute, housing, logistics, and instructions for application, see our website:  Applicants will be notified of acceptance on March 28. The Institute will consider the history of the book from material and embodied perspectives, studying how new and old forms of book technology and circulation impact the creation of and access to humanities scholarship and knowledge. In addition to looking at the history of the book, we will also consider the present moment of the book’s evolution as a prologue to humanist innovation, as developing technologies, digital and multimodal, offer a host of new forms and distribution channels. We will explore how transformations in the book can change interactions between bodies of knowledge and individual human...

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2018 Book Manuscript Workshop Application

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Book Manuscript Workshop 2018 Application The Humanities Center provides a faculty member (or a team of faculty members) the opportunity to  choose one person internal to the college and one person from another institution to read the book manuscript on which the faculty member (or team) is working. The hope is that this individual mentoring will result in a better manuscript; the external reviewer may have additional ideas about prospective presses and readers. The workshop details are included in the link below. Please note two important items: first, only faculty who have already received CFS are eligible for this award (and preference will be given to associate professors); and second, the deadline to apply for this award is December 1st, 2017. As with the one-year fellowships offered by the Humanities Center, the center fellows will rank the applications and make a recommendation to the dean. Book Manuscript Workshop Application...

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