Annual Symposium 2014


“Higher Education and the Noeliberal Threat: Fast Time, Place and Identity” by Robert  V. Bullough

March 2014



 “What are the Humanities For?” Christopher Newfield

March 2014



“Tragedy’s Philosophy” by Simon Critchley

February 2014



“The Art of Being Diff” by Jacqueline Goldsby

March 2014



“The Cryptic Novel: Towards a Computational Taxonomy of the Eighteenth-Century Literary Marketplace” by Mark Algee-Hewitt

November 2103





Annual Symposium 2013


“The Animal in the Database: Biodiversity and the Epic Imagination” by Ursula K. Heise

March 2013

Ursula K. Heise discusses massive biodiversity databases as a new form of epic – one conceived for a modern era of climate change and species loss.



Janis Nuckols “Why Sound Effect Words Matter—a study of onomatopoeic words in the Quechuan culture” by Janis Nuckols

December 2013



“Finding Ourselves: The Humanities as a Discipline” by Geoffrey Harpham

October 2012


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