The Grace of Divine Union

Winter 2018

In this lecture, Andrew Prevot shares some new research about the reception of Christian mysticism in contemporary theology and philosophy. He argues that certain postmodern ethical discourses about the self’s experience of being flesh and the self’s porosity to the other can be traced back to mystical sources in the Christian tradition. Yet what is sometimes lost in these postmodern transpositions of the mystical is a clear sense of the Christian doctrine of grace, which teaches that the mystical is not merely a characteristic of human subjectivity and relationality but an all-absorbing gift of union with God. Prevot reflects on why the memory of this gift is important for Christian life today.

Title: “The Grace of Divine Union”

Dr. Andrew Prevot is an associate professor of theology at Boston College. He recently published his first book, Thinking Prayer (University of Notre Dame Press, 2015), which won the College Theology Society’s Best Book in Theology Award for 2015. (

April 13, 2018

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