Winter 2022

All Colloquia will take place in 4010 JFSB and on Zoom at 3:00 PM unless otherwise specified.


January 13

Justin White (Philosophy)

Backsliding and Bad Faith: Aspiration, Disavowal, and (Residual) Practical Identities

January 20

Roundtable with Susan Rugh, Stephen Jones and Jim Faulconer

BYU’s Second Century: How Are We Doing?

February 10

Walter Melion (Emory University)

Praying through Prints: Interpolated Images as Exegetical Glosses in a Customized Copy of Franciscus Costerus’s Dutch New Testament into an Exegetical Prayerbook

February 17

Student Contest Winners

Humanities and Social Justice Colloquium

February 24

Kenton Rambsy (University of Texas at Arlington)

The Data Notebook – Interactive Training Resources for Digital Humanities

March 3

Discussion with Kristin Matthews, Rex Nielson and Daryl Lee

Humanities “crisis” and disciplinary – and personal – change

March 10

Will Carr

Socrates, Freud, and Francisco Franco Walk into a Bar: 

How One Spanish Loser Joked Truth to Power

(Feat. A Heinously Truncated and Woefully Inadequate Overview of Humor Studies)

April 7

Marc Yamada

Shared Spaces of International Cinema

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