Winter 2023

All Colloquia will take place in 4010 JFSB at 3:00 PM.


January 19

Ryan Christensen

Loneliness and Love

January 26

Laura Catharine Smith

Promoting Information Literacy and Critical Thinking in the Modern Humanities Classroom

February 9

Kevin Blankinship

Brokers of the Trust Economy, or Why and How Professors Should Write for the Popular Press

February 16

Steve Richardson

Machine Translation: Hype vs. Reality

March 2

Francesca Lawson

Why Can’t Siri Sing? Discovering Narratives that Constrain Female Singing Voices in AI 

March 9

Kristin Matthews

“There is power in the word”: YA Literature and the Contemporary Freedom Struggle[1][1] 

March 30

Esther Allen, Associate Professor of Modern Languages at Baruch College


April 6



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