Date(s) - 02/10/2017 - 02/11/2017
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The Humanities Center, in partnership with the University of Utah Tanner Humanities Center, the University of Utah English Department, and the University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library, is sponsoring the second annual Digital Humanities Conference (DHU2) held at the University of Utah on February 10 – 11th. The symposium will feature a keynote address given by Alan Liu, from UC Santa Barbara, and a NEH grant workshop with Perry Collins, Senior Program Officer of the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities Office of Digital Humanities.

Registration is currently taking place:

  • $50 for faculty/librarian/staff
  • $25 for students


Friday, February 10

1:00-1:30 Opening Remarks

1:30-2:30 Keynote: Alan Liu (UC Santa Barbara) Gould Auditorium

2:30-2:45 Coffee Break

2:45-4:15 Featured Panel Gould Auditorium — Chair: Jeremy Browne (BYU)

  • “Digital Humanities as a Work-in-Progress: Topic Modeling the ‘What is Digital Humanities?’ Genre” Elizabeth Callaway (Univ. of Utah)
  • “Opening New Doors to Digital Humanities: Domain of One’s Own and Programmatic Thinking” Ed Nagelhout (UNLV)
  • “Creative Curation: Rearranging the Logic of the Archive in a Post-Digital Environment” Nicolas Mugavero (SUNY Buffalo)

4:15-5:00 Workshop: Perry Collins (Office of Digital Humanities, NEH) Gould Auditorium

5:00-6:00 Social Hour Gould Auditorium

6:30 Dine Around Salt Lake City

Saturday, February 11

8:00 Check-in; Continental Breakfast Gould Auditorium

8:45 Opening Remarks Gould Auditorium

9-10:20 Panel 1
Visualizations Rm 1150 — Chair: Madeline Thatcher (Univ. of Utah)

  • “Visualizing Wonder: Fairy Tales on Television (FTTV) and in Databases and Events” Jill Rudy (BYU)
  • “Humanizing Approaches to Code-based Practices in Art” Molly Morin (Weber State Univ.)
  • “Global Bonds: Expanding Access to the Linus Pauling Papers via Enhanced Digital Finding Aid” Cole Crawford (Oregon State Univ.)

Pedagogy and Publics Rm 1130 — Chair: Lawrence Culver (Utah State Univ.)

  • “Mapping the Early Modern World” Julia M. Gossard (Utah State Univ.)
  • “Digital Exhibits in the Classroom and the Library: Bringing Student Research to the Public” Susan M. Cogan & Branson Roskelley (Utah State Univ.)
  • “More than a Mausoleum: the Library at the Forefront of Digital Pedagogy” Dylan Burns (Utah State Univ.)

10:20-10:30 Break

10:30-12:00 Panel 2

Digitizing, APIs, Interfaces Rm 1150 — Chair: Jeff Turner (Univ. of Utah) 

  • “API for Utah Digital Newspapers” Harish Maringanti (Univ. of Utah)
  • “Accumulating the Traditional, Disseminating the Digital: Information Access and the End-User” Ellen Ryan & Paul Sivitz (Idaho State Univ.)
  • “Constructing User Experience: Intersections and boundaries in the development of digital technologies” Ray Dahl (Univ. of Utah)

Genre, Writing Studies Rm 1130 — Chair: Bobby Kennedy (Univ. of Utah)

  • “The Essay Genome Project” Courtney Bulsiweicsz & Shelli Spotts (BYU)
  • “City Writing: Placing the Digital Humanities in Urban Media Ecologies” John Tinnell (Univ. of Colorado-Denver)
  • “Spatial Stories: Game Design for First-Year Composition” Nina Feng (Univ. of Utah)

12:00-1:00 Lunch Gould Auditorium

1:00 – 2:20 Panel 3

Databases/Data Rm 1150 — Chair: Dakota Park-Ozee (Univ. of Utah)

  • “From Humanities Computing to Digital Humanities: Re-Engineering a 1970s Theater History Database for 21st-Century Users” Mattie Burkerts (Utah State Univ.)
  • “A Cor infrastructure for textual analysis – From Woolf to Verne” Nicholas Hayward (Loyola Univ. Chicago)
  • “The Online Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts: a crowd-sourced, managed wiki for scholarly dialogue” Roger Macfarlane (BYU)

Literature and Poetics Rm 1130 — Chair: Sunggyung Jo (Univ. of Utah) 

  • “Radical Materiality: DH and the Poetry of the Anthropocene” Anne Royston (Univ. of Utah)
  • “Emily Dickinson and Eliza R. Snow: Data, Dictionaries, Discoveries” Cynthia Hallen (BYU)
  • “Museum of Fictional Literary Artifacts” John Nelson & Stacey Berry (North Dakota State Univ.)

2:20-2:30 Break

2:30-3:50 Panel 4

Social Media Rm 1150

  • “Exploring the intersections of media studies and digital humanities through the lens of sentiment analysis: A case study of Twitter” Leona Yi-Fan Su (Univ. of Utah)
  • “The S-MAP: Preserving Alternative Social Media” Robert Gehl (Univ. of Utah)
  • “Just Youtube it: What Youtube and Social Media Can Teach Us About Online Pedagogy” Mat Sillito (Univ. of Utah)

Standardization, Labor, Cultural Preservation Rm 1130 — Chair: Amanda Scheuerman (Univ. of Utah)

  • “The Gift and the Game: Taxonomies of Labor on Web 2.0” Elyse Graham (SUNY Stonybrook)
  • “Building Community Partnerships to Build Digital Humanities Projects: The Experience of Two Projects in Rural Nevada” Scott Gavorsky (Great Basin College)
  • “The Western Name Authority File: Improving Access for Digital Collections and Archives” Anna Neatrour & Jeremy Myntti (Univ. of Utah)

3:30-4:00 Break

4:00-4:30 Plenary Discussion Gould Auditorium

For more information and to register please visit: http://digital.humanities.utah.edu/dhu2/index.php

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