On Being Postsecular, with guest Lori Branch, University of Iowa

Postsecular thought refutes an assumption that so many of us take for granted, namely, that we live in a secular age. But what does it mean to be postsecular? Does it mean that we are no longer secular beings? Does it mean that we’re now living in a different era? Did a truly post secular era ever really come of age? Or does the postsecular imply a different set of questions altogether? Does it involve a different way of imagining who we are? Our guest on this inaugural episode of the Faith and Imagination podcast is Lori Branch, Associate Professor of English at the University of Iowa and one of the great interpreters of what it means to live in a postsecular way. 

Hosted by Matthew Wickman, founding director of the BYU Humanities Center. Produced and edited by Brooke Browne and Sam Jacob. 

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