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Trailer: “Faith and Imagination,” a New Podcast from the BYU Humanities Center

Humanities Center
Humanities Center
Trailer: "Faith and Imagination," a New Podcast from the BYU Humanities Center

Hello listeners, we wanted to let you all know of a new podcast series from the Center coming this Monday, January 25th 2021, called “Faith and Imagination.” This new podcast series will feature interviews between Dr. Matthew Wickman, founding director of the BYU Humanities Center, and various scholars and others who address the cross sections of religious and spiritual life both creatively and insightfully. The podcast explores questions such as “how do we envision our highest ideals and deepest commitments? How do we name and express our most expansive sense of who we are?” You can subscribe here, or else search “Faith and Imagination” in the search bar of your favorite podcast distributer or else go to our website,, and you’ll be able to subscribe to the new “Faith and Imagination” podcast feed, the first episode of which will be out this coming Monday, Jan. 25th.

We also wanted to let you know that the feed for this show, the BYU Humanities Center Podcast, will continue to publish episodes and interviews with scholars, guests, and friends of the BYU Humanities Center, so keep your eye on this feed in addition to the new one. Thanks again for listening.

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