On Religious Universities and Church Education, with guest John Tanner, BYU and former president of BYU-Hawaii

What is the role of religious universities like BYU? How should they resemble or differ from secular universities, and has their role evolved in the past few decades? Or will it? Our guest on this episode of the BYU Humanities Center Podcast is John Tanner, former Academic Vice President of BYU and, most recently, President of BYU-Hawaii. John has devoted decades to the subject of education and in 2017 he published a book titled Learning in the Light, a collection of his speeches given at BYU. We ask him about what surprises him about how BYU has changed over the years and what challenges he envisions for it in the years to come. We also speak to him about the educational ideals of BYU and what it would mean to realize them more fully.

Interview by Matthew Wickman, founding director of the BYU Humanities Center.

Produced and edited by Brooke Browne and Sam Jacob.

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