“The Art of Holy Attention,” with guest David Marno, University of California, Berkeley

Humanities Center
Humanities Center
"The Art of Holy Attention," with guest David Marno, University of California, Berkeley

Poetry represents perhaps the most elegant use of language, the most delicate expression of the wide range of moods and feelings that make us most deeply human. For that reason, poetry can move us to think differently, behave differently, even sometimes believe differently. In this episode, we spoke with David Marno, Associate Professor of English at UC-Berkeley, about his beautiful book Death Be Not Proud: The Art of Holy Attention (Chicago UP, 2016). Marno takes as his subject a stirring sonnet of the English poet, John Donne, and shows how Donne’s poem works to focus our attention as it stirs our souls. 

Interview by Matthew Wickman, Founding Director, BYU Humanities Center.

Produced and edited by Brooke Browne and Sam Jacob.

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