All Colloquia will take place in JFSB 4010 at 3:00pm unless otherwise specified.


January 18

Brian Croxall (Digital Humanities)

 “Test Tubes, Book Spines, and Broken Contracts”

January 25

Julia Lupton (UC Irvine)

“Trust in Theater: An Entry into Shakespeare’s Virtues”


February 15

Janis Nuckolls (Linguistics)

“The Role of Onomatopoeia in Renaissance English, Radical Protestantism, and Ideas about Language and Nature


February 22

Milette Shamir (Tel Aviv University)

“Henry James and the Aesthetics of Dignity”

hague, daryl

March 1

Daryl Hague (Spanish & Portuguese)

“The Roles of Imagination and Empathy in Translation”

Heather Belnap Jensen-sm

March 8

Heather Belnap (Comparative Arts & Letters)

“Representations of Violence Against Women in Restoration France”

March 16

John Durham Peters (Harvard University)

Weather Media

March 29

Mark Sandberg (UC Berkeley) & Steven Sondrup (Comparative Literature, BYU)

“The Spatial Turn in Literary Historiography: A Celebration of the Publication of Nordic Literature: A Comparative History, vol. 1”

Mont Saint Michel cloister

April 5

Roundtable Discussion with Jennifer Haraguchi (French & Italian), Van Gessel (ANEL), & Michael Kelly (German & Russian)

“Faith & Scholarship in the College”

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