JFSB courtyard in the winter

Winter 2020

All Colloquia will take place in JFSB 4010 at 3:00 PM unless otherwise specified.

January 16

Francesca  Lawson (CAL), Steve Riep (ANEL), Mike Taylor (English), & Jim Toronto (ANEL) will lead the discussion

Roundtable Discussion about the Humanities and Non-Western Religions

January 23

Guide to the Classics: Dale Pratt

Why Does Don Quixote Matter Today?

January 31 @ 11:00 AM

Lauren Klein (Emory University)

The Shape of History: Elizabeth Palmer Peabody’s Feminist Visualization Work

February 6

Robert Hudson (French & Italian)

Clement Petitions: Translating Marot’s Verse Epistles as Critical Biography

February 13

Deanna Thompson (St. Olaf College)

Faith in a Traumatized World

February 20

Jennifer Bown (German & Russian)

Tracking the Development of Reading Proficiency

February 27

Cherice Montgomery (Spanish & Portuguese)

Cultivating 21st Century Competence Through Playable Case Studies

March 12

Nick Mason (English)

Reception Studies and the Digital Archive: What We Do, Don’t, and May Never Know about the History of Reading

March 19 *CANCELED due to COVID-19*

Caroline Weber (Barnard College)

The Three Faces of Proust’s Duchess

April 2 *CANCELED due to COVID-19*

Julie Damron (Asian & Near Eastern Languages) & Jennifer Dobberfuhl Quinlan (MTC Language Curriculum Manager)

Student Binge Studying, Recall and Success in a Blended Korean Class

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